Valley Trail

$32.50 per person (1 hour ride)
(Bum Level 1)

This trail offers beautiful scenic horse trails in the Blue Ridge mountains that are great for adults and children alike.

This is an all time favorite that brings our riders back again and again. Although it is our Level 1 trail, it does have a good amount of uphills and downhills.  Since it is all walking, it will be easier on the bum! (can be made into a private ride: $47.50 per person)



The Cashes Trail

$42.50 per person (1 1/2 hour ride)
(Bum Level 2)

The Cashes Trail offers a little more time spent in the mountains as well as some trotting in a few places.  Since we are in the mountains, there are not alot of areas that are flat enough for trotting, but we will take advantage of those areas when we can on this ride!  There is a combination of scenic views, and wildlife.  All riders on this ride need to be comfortable at a trot. (can be made into a private ride: $57.50 per person)